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Unlocking Hidden Possibilities

As a little kid, were you really good at hiding? Were you are really good at hiding things from others? That can be a good skill to have; however, sometimes we carry it forward and continue hiding ourselves from the world. And by hiding, we often cut off the possibilities that are available to us! […]

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The #1 Thing That Makes Forgiving Ourselves Hard

Do you have people and events in your life that were really difficult to forgive? Or maybe even ones you still have not forgiven? Have those things just keep coming back to haunt you even though you believe that you have forgiven everyone? Perhaps the one person you never forgave was you! I know, I […]

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Releasing Past Baggage

“Don’t let your luggage define your travels.” Shane Koyczan said that at the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics. Is that what YOU are doing? Are you allowing your luggage determine what you can have in your life? Have you concluded that you can only fit in one pair of shoes, 3 pairs of pants […]

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5 Simple Adjustments To Your Daily Routine To Reduce Stress

I have noticed lately that many of the people I have been talking to are complaining about stress and being overwhelmed. It seems that many people just don’t think they are doing enough unless they are busy all the time! They are constantly driving the kids around, taking classes, working overtime, caring for others, talking […]

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Relational Digitizations — Create Separation and Polarity

This week I want to talk about Relational Digitizations. Relational digitizations are a relatively new topic in Access and a new section in the updated Foundation class and manual. What are they? Relational digitizations create distance and separation between you and everyone and everything. With relational digitizations, you create meaning for everything based on a […]

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