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Release Stress, Find Joy Move beyond perceived limitations Let go Set yourself FREE Release

Release Stress, Find Joy

Allow your stress to be released from your body. Let go of things that no longer work for you

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Move beyond perceived limitations

Move beyond the limitations you believe exist and into a greater life

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Let go

Let go of the burdens you are carrying for others and free yourself

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Set yourself FREE

Give yourself the freedom of creativity, peace, joy and gratitude.

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Release and allow. Know that you are enough.

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Healing And Coaching

All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy & Glory!

Everything is Energy!

When you change your energy, you change…

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Dawn Meyer Speaking

Discover and Explore all your choices and possibilities

Freeing you to live the life … you’d love to live

Learn to…

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Packages And Programs

What can we Explore and Change together?

Would you like to discover your possibilities?

What can we create? What can we…

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Purple Dawn — Possibilities, Healing and Empowerment

Helping you remember all of who you truly are.

You are more powerful than you know

You have more possibilities than you realize


Dawn’s Gratitude For Life Journal and cards allow you to express gratitude for all of the little and big things in your life.

They help you realize how many wonderful things exist in your life.

Expressing your gratitude daily can make such a huge difference in your attitude and in how your life flows. Being grateful and telling the universe that you are grateful allows the universe to send more of that your way.

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