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What Won’t You Change?

Do you have things that you are refusing to change in your life? Are you making some things so significant and to important that you believe you must keep them forever and never let to change or let them go? What does that do to the rest of your life? In addition to the clearings […]

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Do You Actually Love Trauma And Drama?

Do you have things that keep repeating in your life? Have you considered that maybe there is some aspect of those things that you actually enjoy? I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes that is true. Sometimes we enjoy the upset, trauma and drama because it is exciting. Sometimes we enjoy having people come to […]

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Do You Really Need A Tribe?

A lot of talk these days centers around “finding your tribe.” What does that mean? What does it mean if you don’t have a tribe? Are you wrong or weird? Do you have to work at having a tribe that you can fit into? Do you really want to be part of a tribe? Where […]

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Your Points Of View Are Limiting You

What points of view (POV) do you have about yourself, your body, your living, and everything else? Those are limitations and hold in place even more limitations. What have you made so vital, valuable and real about possessing Points of View that keeps you in constant judgement of you and everything else? Everything that is […]

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Filtering Down Life’s Details

Are you using filters to focus so tightly in on certain things that you just keep stressing over and over them? Does that keep you believing you can never change them? How many filters are you using to focus so tightly into the details of your life that keeps you stressing over and over them? […]

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