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Are You Waiting For The Key?

Are you waiting on the “key to the universe” or “key to the kingdom” or the “Key to your heart” that will unlock everything that you have been waiting for? Is that preventing you from creating your life NOW? Everywhere you waiting for the “Key to Life”, “Key to the Universe”, “Key to Your Heart”, […]

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Are you trying to Get Things Over With?

Do you find yourself wanting to “get things over with”? Recently I have caught myself being impatient with everything and everyone and asking just how much longer I have to do something. What does that create? Is it even mine? Is it yours? Are you trying to those things out of the way or are […]

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Are Some Things More Powerful Than You?

Do you believe that there are some things in your life that are just so much more powerful than you are? What beliefs are you creating with and about those things? Are you using those things as justification for not creating your life? What limitation have you decided is so real that you can’t overcome […]

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Are your conclusions and decisions keeping you from creating your life?

Have you decided and concluded what choice and choosing MUST look like or what your future MUST look like? Are you allowing things that don’t quite match those decisions and conclusions to show up in your life? Or are you rejecting everything that doesn’t EXACTLY match those decisions and conclusions and making yourself wrong because […]

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Are Relational Digitizations perpetuating your past?

Last month I did clearings about Relational Digitizations (see last month’s clearing here). I would like to continue that and expand upon a clearing that I did on April 6, 2015. That clearing concerned past bodies and lifetimes and was the following: All of the biomimetic mimicry you are doing of your previous bodies and […]

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Are Feelings blocking and stopping money from coming to you?

Are Feelings blocking and stopping money from coming to you? On the April Creative Edge call, Gary and Dain gave some amazing clearings concerning Feelings and Money! Here are a few. What feelings are you using to avoid the money you could be choosing? Everything that is, times a godzillion, will you destroy and uncreate […]

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Relational Digitizations — Create Separation and Polarity

This week I want to talk about Relational Digitizations. Relational digitizations are a relatively new topic in Access and a new section in the updated Foundation class and manual. What are they? Relational digitizations create distance and separation between you and everyone and everything. With relational digitizations, you create meaning for everything based on a […]

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