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Are You Fighting The Good Fight?

In my blog from July 30, 2017, I asked “Is Your Life A Constant Battle?” Truly, are you constantly fighting this reality? Do you look upon everything as “fighting the good fight?” How much energy are you using to carry on the battle? Would you like a few clearings to release all that? Everywhere you […]

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Are You Trying To Get Out Of Here?

In the clearings from July 17, I asked if you find yourself wanting to “get things over with”? This week let me ask you, are you trying to get out of here? Are you creating and maintaining exist strategies so you don’t have to stay much longer or don’t have to continue with something (a […]

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Are You Waiting For The Key?

Are you waiting on the “key to the universe” or “key to the kingdom” or the “Key to your heart” that will unlock everything that you have been waiting for? Is that preventing you from creating your life NOW? Everywhere you waiting for the “Key to Life”, “Key to the Universe”, “Key to Your Heart”, […]

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