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Do You Really Need A Tribe?

A lot of talk these days centers around “finding your tribe.” What does that mean? What does it mean if you don’t have a tribe? Are you wrong or weird? Do you have to work at having a tribe that you can fit into? Do you really want to be part of a tribe? Where […]

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Are you refusing happiness unless people keep their promises?

In May I did clearings on Unfulfilled Promises. Unfulfilled promises are the promises made in this or any lifetime that have never been kept. They can be deeply damaging. When you have a sense that something isn’t coming to fruition, you may be dealing with an unfulfilled promise —  one that you made or one […]

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Are You Good At Making You Wrong?

Are you good at making yourself wrong? Do you wallow in your wrongness? Is it OK because it is familiar? Is that what you truly would like your life to be? What was the gift of this not working out? Everything that is will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right and Wrong, Good and […]

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Are You Wrong For Not Fitting In?

Do you believe that you must fit in, must belong or you are wrong? Are you allowing yourself to fit in or preventing it? In either case, are you making yourself wrong for it? Are you using it as an excuse? How much are you making yourself not belong so you can have an excuse […]

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Your Points Of View Are Limiting You

What points of view (POV) do you have about yourself, your body, your living, and everything else? Those are limitations and hold in place even more limitations. What have you made so vital, valuable and real about possessing Points of View that keeps you in constant judgement of you and everything else? Everything that is […]

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Filtering Down Life’s Details

Are you using filters to focus so tightly in on certain things that you just keep stressing over and over them? Does that keep you believing you can never change them? How many filters are you using to focus so tightly into the details of your life that keeps you stressing over and over them? […]

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Are You Fighting The Good Fight?

In my blog from July 30, 2017, I asked “Is Your Life A Constant Battle?” Truly, are you constantly fighting this reality? Do you look upon everything as “fighting the good fight?” How much energy are you using to carry on the battle? Would you like a few clearings to release all that? Everywhere you […]

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Are You Trying To Get Out Of Here?

In the clearings from July 17, I asked if you find yourself wanting to “get things over with”? This week let me ask you, are you trying to get out of here? Are you creating and maintaining exist strategies so you don’t have to stay much longer or don’t have to continue with something (a […]

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