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My channel on the BonBon Network


Living Your Life for You: Creating a Life That Nurtures You
With Host Vicki Ibaugh and Guest Dawn C. Meyer

Do you find yourself putting everyone and everything else first in your life? Are you exhausted and overwhelmed from not caring for you? Dawn shows you how to make yourself a priority and start nurturing and supporting you.

In this webinar, you will learn:
• Reclaim time for you and start nurturing you and your body
• Change your relationship and mindset with serving others
• Release the burdens of others and free your energy to create a life of more joy and ease


The San IT Projects with Joanne Victoria

Joanne interviews Dawn concerning going from being a “Rocket Scientist” to an energy healer … how that occurred and where it has taken Dawn.



Spiritual Destinations

“Dawn – Empowerment, Inspiration, Rocket Scientist” hosted by Catherine M. Laub

Catherine M Laub interviews Dawn C Meyer about her unique combination of skills to bring more ease and joy to other’s lives. She helps them discover more choices and possibilities for changing what isn’t working in their lives. She is an empowering coach, energy healer, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, massage therapist, Reiki master and former Space Shuttle Engineer (“Rocket Scientist”). [Listen]


Bodies Imitating Life

Dawn on “Living Weal” with host Keisha Clark on ICN, Inspired Radio Network

Have you ever wondered about where your body takes its cues from? Is it the things you say directly to your body? Or is it the “little” things you think, maybe even say out loud, that you don’t even acknowledge you are thinking (and saying)? And what about the life you are (consciously or unconsciously) creating? What if our bodies are giving us exactly what we are asking for? Keisha welcomes Dawn Meyer to the show this week, to play with some questions and awareness around bodies imitating life. What are we actually asking our bodies to be and do, for and with us? [Listen]


Former Space Shuttle Engineer Turned Energy Healer, Author

on Tamara Patzer’s Business Innovators Radio

In this interview, Dawn explains how she works with people to help eliminate repeated negative patterns in their lives. Learn more about how a former space shuttle engineer found her healing path [Listen here] 

or listen here on YouTube “Space Shuttle Engineer Is Inspiring Conscious Healing and Awareness”



Jessica Carter Brace of She Broadcasts interviews Dawn


[Listen here]


Dawn and host Bonnie Bruderer on the Ask Bon Bon Show with “The Colors Of Now” coauthors Glenyce Hughes and Yurya Guzman

This is the amazing interview Dawn did on the AskBonBon Show with Bonnie Bruderer and co-authors Yuryra Guzman and Glenyce Hughes.



Dawn’s “Expert Interview” with Bonnie Bruderer of the AskBonBon Show.



Dawn’s book launch video for “The Colors of Now” — “It Isn’t Rocket Science, Or Is It?”


Dawn’s “Launch Into Your Brilliance” interview on Women’s Prosperity Network’s WOW Wednesday via SoundCloud



All of Dawn’s “Ask A Question Change Your Life” episodes on A2Zen.fm (now ICN, Inspired Choices Network)

Check out a list of all of the episodes with descriptions here

Plus purchase the clearing loops from the shows here.





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