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Dawn’s Books and Favorites

Here are my books and a few of my favorite items from Amazon.

These are ones that I recommend to people because they have helped me and my family and friends.


Gratitude For Life Journal

Dawn’s Gratitude For Life Journal is an avenue to expressing gratitude for all of the little and big things in your life. May it help you to realize all of the wonders, joys and fun that you already have so you can build on them to make your life even more amazing.

It is a journal in which to write your gratitude daily for the year. You may start at any time in the year since it has no set dates. Each day has a topic for you to enter your gratitude since people sometimes go blank when asked: “what are you grateful for?”

The journal allows you to express gratitude for areas of your life that you might not have considered so you can realize how many wonderful things exist in your life.

Expressing your gratitude daily can make such a huge difference in your attitude and in how your life flows. Being grateful and telling the universe that you are grateful allows the universe to send more of that your way. Gratitude also allows you to tell yourself what you like. And to acknowledge just how many wonderful things have already shown up in your life that you might not have noticed.

How often do you believe that nothing is working in our lives because we have certain expectations that are very specific? What that tends to create is us missing the things that show up that are close to what we requested or are part of what we desired, but are not exactly what was specified. So we discount those things as if nothing of it came to us. So, look around, how many partial requests showed up? How many pieces of the whole showed up? You probably will find quite a bit.

Express your gratitude for the partials, the nearly theres, the almosts, and the “some assembly required” things that are lying around your life. It might just spark the rest of it to show up!

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The Colors of Now

My first book that I co-authored with some amazing ladies in Access Consciousness®

What if NOW is the time? Easy to use tools to create your life from right where you are….

What if you could stop living in the palest shades of life and choose instead to live in the vibrant, amazing, brilliant colors of everything that you ever imaged was possible …. and so much more!?!

Have you always known that the World has different rules and laws and possibilities than what most people accept as true? Have you always known that you were a little – OK maybe A LOT – different? Are you willing to just consider the possibility that there is so much more out there and available than you ever imagined? Come explore with us!

“What if stepping into your colors of now was as easy as “Being YOU?” ….

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Women Innovators:   Leaders, Makers and Givers

Book I co-authored with some fantastic ladies who are changing the world.

Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers (Volume 4)  features women who make a daily difference. In this edition, Conversations with Tami Patzer, the following women innovators were interviewed and reveal their big messages and big missions: Bernadette Anderson, MD, Shielvonda Haith, Valerie Priester, Nanette Saylor, Rolie Lybl Manne, Dawn C. Meyer, Catherine M. Laub and Dorothy Kuhn. Tamara Patzer.

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Journey To The Stage

Book I co-authored with some wonderful ladies from Women’s Prosperity Network

Journey to the Stage – Volume Four: Stepping Up and Stepping Out to Share Your Message

Leading Experts Share What It Takes to Claim Your Place On the World Stage.
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This book is filled with stories of women and men who began their journeys in very different ways, but who all moved through life with a burning desire to create change and cause a ripple effect that improved their own lives and the lives of others. They have overcome adversities, internal conflicts and external challenges and authentically shared their stories in service to their purpose.

You’ve heard it many times before … the fear of public speaking tops the list of fears. That’s right, most people are more afraid of speaking in public than they are of heights, flying, snakes, bugs and even drowning! Why then would any rational human beings want to put themselves in the uncomfortable position of standing in front of the room, all eyes and ears on them? Stepping up and being charged with the responsibility of getting and keeping the audience’s attention while endeavoring to provide valuable content. Within these pages are the stories of the courageous and determined men and women whose commitment to share their messages outweighed any concerns or fears about stepping onto the world’s stage. Whether you’re claiming your place on the stage in your own corner of the world or you’re eager to reach all four corners of the world, this book will ignite your passion, inspire creativity and move you to action.

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Himalayan Salt Inhaler

This has helped me as well as many of my friends and family through colds, flu and other respiratory difficulties!

A great product!