Laying the Foundation of Your Dream Life

At the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics, Shane Koyczan said “Don’t let your luggage define your travels.”

And he was right! You don’t need to allow your past determine your future!

So often we our past determine whether or not we CAN do something new. And we let what others have told us is possible and proper determine what we are allowed to do and be.

We narrow our lives down to just a small group choices and we make ourselves believe that that is all that is available, all that is possible for us. We make ourselves believe that is all we can EVER do and be!

And then we tell ourselves that that is OK, that that is enough.

What if you didn’t have to live that way?

Think about it. What if your life doesn’t have to fit into the little tiny box you have defined for it? What if it doesn’t have to fit in your carry-on luggage and into the overhead compartment on the plane?

What if you can live a life of infinite possibilities?

Wouldn’t that be amazingly wonderful??

Maybe you can’t change your past, but you can certainly quit carrying all that baggage from it around with you! Quit letting it define you!


Here are some of the tools that I use!


Return Other People’s Dreams

You are much more psychic than you think you are. You are aware of the thoughts, feelings and emotions of those around you all of the time. Because you are aware of those thoughts, feelings and emotions, you believe that they actually must be coming from you … after all you don’t believe you are psychic, right? When you believe those things are yours, you try to fulfill them.

One way you do that is you pick up on all of the dreams that everyone else was never able to fulfill and you take them on as if they are yours. But, they just never seem to fit because, as I said, they actually belong to someone else,

However, you do the best that you can with them, trying to make them work, trying to fulfill them! But it just doesn’t make you happy!

So all of those things that you wanted to be as a child (nurse, doctor, movie star, etc), ask yourself if they are really yours, or are they the unfulfilled dreams of someone else.

And listen. Be honest with yourself.

If they aren’t your dreams, then use this tool that I often use: Return to Sender.


Return to Sender

Yes, just like in the Elvis Presley song “Return To Sender” or just like when the post office returns mail to you.

Return to Sender” is an amazing tool!

You gather up those thoughts, feelings, emotions and dreams of others that you have been carrying around for who knows how long, and say “All of this I now Return To Sender with Consciousness Attached” and send it back out into the universe!

Did you sense that energy shift? Did a weight just get lifted from your shoulders or from your heart?

It can be so freeing!

Now you can start asking yourself “If I was truly living my life for me, what would I be and do?” and you can add “Universe, show me the next step.”

And start following the energy of that! Ask it every day. Follow those whispers of possibilities and see where they take you!

Don’t get stuck in believing that you have to know where you will end up before you take your first step! Just get moving on that life that you’d love to be living!

And if you want more you can use the Energy Ball Meditation that I mentioned in my August 6th blog “Manifesting Your Desires” to start energizing your goals!

Enjoy your journey!



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