Manifesting Your Desires

Have you ever had something that you wanted to bring into your life?

Did you do lots of affirmations and vision boards and so forth for it?

Did it work?

Sometimes these things don’t work because they cause us to focus more on what we are lacking than on what we would like to create.

So what can you do?


One thing is simply to ask the Universe (God, Source) for what you would like.

“I ask for a new car. Universe, what do I need to be or do to create that?”

And listen for the replies. Pay attention to the whispers of possibilities that call you to do things and go places and meet people who can contribute to bringing that thing into your life.

The universe wants to gift you the things you require and desire, but it needs you to ask.

Energy Ball

Another method is the Energy Ball. You can use the Energy Ball to create and bring things into fruition. So whether it is writing a book, creating a class, taking a test, hosting an event, or creating the life you would like to have, the Energy Ball can draw the people and things to you that would help bring about the things you would like to happen.

Begin by relaxing and taking a couple of deep, centering breaths.

How envision the thing you would like to create. See it as you would like it to be, without worrying HOW it will come about. Get the energy of what it will be like for that to exist in your life. Now see it in a ball of energy in front of you. If it helps, you can see yourself holding that ball of energy.

Ask energy from everywhere, from the entire universe to come into that ball. Pull that energy into the ball, into your vision. More energy and more energy, from everyone and everything! Pull more energy and more! Just keep pulling all of that energy into the vision in the ball until you think it will explode!

Now, allow little trickles of that energy to go out from the ball to everyone and everything that can help in creating what you are asking for – to everyone who is looking for what you have – to everyone and everything that can contribute to creating what you are asking for. Let those trickles go out inviting those people and things to show up with ease.

And, while you still have the energy of what you would like to create, remember that energy, and when choices present themselves to you, choose the ones that have that energy, because those are the ones that will lead you toward what you desire to create!

Now get out there and CREATE your life!


Want more?

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