Unlocking Hidden Possibilities

As a little kid, were you really good at hiding?

Were you are really good at hiding things from others?

That can be a good skill to have; however, sometimes we carry it forward and continue hiding ourselves from the world. And by hiding, we often cut off the possibilities that are available to us!

So, what do you hide?

What do you hide FROM?

Are you hiding from what you are capable of? Are you hiding from your capacities and capabilities?

You might think that sounds strange, but sometimes we shrink away from what we can truly be and do in the world.


I asked that of a number of people and here are a few replies:

  • Not feeling safe
  • Fear of abuse, attack, being killed, failing, fear of loss, meanness and hurtfulness
  • Wanting to not be considered weird or misunderstood
  • Not feeling good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough
  • To avoid ridicule, judgement, rejection, humiliation, shame
  • Wanting to fit in, to lay low, not be noticed, not rock the boat by challenging other peoples’ views of reality
  • Lack of trust in oneself, low self-esteem, not wanting to get it wrong
  • Feeling that putting oneself out in the open brings too many responsibilities
  • Outshining others draws ridicule, judgement, attack or misfortune
  • Afraid of being too much for others to deal with
  • It’s just what you’ve always done … it’s familiar, it’s safer, it’s easier, it’s less effort, it’s not as uncomfortable as being seen

Those are all valid. There is no right or wrong, it’s just where you are at the moment.

But, as I often ask, is it really where you would like to be?

Wouldn’t you rather start allowing yourself to let go of those things and invite more possibilities to show up?

It is possible.

One tool for doing that is the “Return to Sender” (see Releasing Past Baggage) where you examine those things that come up and ask them if they are really yours or if you are actually picking them up from others. And then ask all the ones that are not yours to return to sender, back out into the Universe, so they stop limiting you. I mean, they aren’t yours anyway, they are just hanging around confusing you, so let them go.

Just say, “All of this crap that isn’t mine, I return it to sender with consciousness attached.”

Whew! Does that feel lighter to you now? You got rid of all that burden and baggage you were carrying for others! It should be easier to be clear on what actually works for you now that all of THAT is gone!


Would you now be willing to start honoring you and what you would like in life?

A good place to start is being grateful to YOU for the brilliance that you are, for the things you have created and accomplished!

Look how far you have come! Congratulate yourself on that! You have done so much in life! Be grateful!

Be grateful to the Universe (God, Source, whatever your term that you use might be) for everything that you have. The Universe likes gratitude, it lets it know what you like and that you would like more of it.

Now, what if you could allow yourself to open to the infinite possibilities available to you?

Begin by asking questions like:

What other possibilities are available to me that I might never have considered were there for me?

What do I have the ability to achieve now that I never had before?

What do I have the ability to be now that I never had before?

Then once you’ve asked those questions, LISTEN for the Universe to show you other possibilities that exist beyond what you have always chosen in the past, beyond what you have always believed were your only options.

Life isn’t “Let’s Make A Deal”, you have more choices than just Door Number 1, Door Number 2 or Door Number 3. (Oh, and if you’re too young to remember “Let’s Make A Deal”, check it out here).

The Universe loves to gift to you! Be open to the infinite possibilities the Universe offers you in every second of your existence!

Now, there is one thing I would like to point out here: realize that things might not show up exactly as you thought they SHOULD.

Allow for variations of what you asked for or desired. Sometimes we get stuck believing that everything must show up exactly a certain way, so we ignore the things that are close to that or that might eventually lead to exactly what we desired. It’s like we put on blinders (like the ones used on horses) so we never see anything other than exactly the one option we believe is the best, only, true, perfect option for us.

Are you willing to acknowledge the imperfect possibilities and choices that show up? Are you willing to follow the small steps toward what you asked for?


Are you willing to open up to all the amazing possibilities that the Universe is offering you?

It’s time to free yourself from your self-imposed limitations and enjoy the possibilities!!

Allow yourself to be free!!

Ask a question!! What else is possible?®


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