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Be, Have, Acknowledge Gratitude

Do you have gratitude for what you have in life? Do you express it daily? Or do you focus on what you don’t have and what isn’t working? Expressing gratitude for what you have and focusing on the things you are grateful for allows the universe to know what you like and give you more […]

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Gratitude – The New Water

Did you realize that gratitude is like water … it makes things grow. Yes, just like water, when you sprinkle gratitude on things it makes them grow and thrive. Gratitude revives your attitude, it freshens your outlook, it nourishes your soul. Gratitude is the new water! You’ve seen the “instant” products that say, “Just add […]

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Being The Gift Of You

Do you realize the gift that you are to others and to the world? You, simply being you, are an invitation to others to more consciousness and greater living! Yes you are! Are you willing to be that gift? Are you willing to have and acknowledge the gifts and capacities that you have? Now is […]

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Rewriting Your Story

Do you have stories that you tell all of the time? I don’t mean the stories about what you did on vacation or the time you fell out of a tree or the time you met Leonard Nimoy at the 7-Eleven or the ones you share to illustrate a point and things like that, I […]

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Unlocking Hidden Possibilities

As a little kid, were you really good at hiding? Were you are really good at hiding things from others? That can be a good skill to have; however, sometimes we carry it forward and continue hiding ourselves from the world. And by hiding, we often cut off the possibilities that are available to us! […]

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