Gratitude – The New Water

Did you realize that gratitude is like water … it makes things grow.

Yes, just like water, when you sprinkle gratitude on things it makes them grow and thrive.

Gratitude revives your attitude, it freshens your outlook, it nourishes your soul.

Gratitude is the new water!

You’ve seen the “instant” products that say, “Just add water”. Well the same works for your life.

Is your life not going as you’d like? Just add gratitude.

Are you cranky and unhappy? Just add gratitude!

Gratitude shifts your focus from what you don’t want in your life to the things that you’d like more of in your world.

Shifting your focus, shifts your energy.

What you focus upon increases, so focus on the things you’d like to increase in your life: joy, happiness, fun, bliss, generosity of spirit, contentment … the things that make your life worth living!


Expressing Gratitude

Expressing your gratitude daily makes such a huge difference in your attitude and in how your life flows.

Being grateful and telling the universe that you are grateful allows the universe to send more of that your way. After all, the universe likes to give you what you truly desire and request. Then when you express gratitude for that, it is confirmation that you would like more of it to show up.

Not only does gratitude tell the universe what you would like, but it also allows you to tell yourself what you like. You begin to realize and to acknowledge just how many wonderful things have already shown up in your life that you might not have noticed.

Almost Nearly There

How often do you believe that nothing is working in your life because you have certain expectations that are very, very specific? What that tends to create is you missing the things that DO show up that are close to what you requested or are part of what you desired, but are not exactly what was specified. So you discount those things as if nothing of it came to you at all.

So, look around, how many partial requests showed up? How many pieces of the whole showed up? You probably will find quite a bit.

So, express your gratitude for the partials, the nearly theres, the almosts, and the “some assembly required” things that are lying around your life. It might just spark the rest of it to show up!

Flow With It

Flow with the love, gratitude, joy, bliss and happiness rather than the trauma and drama.

Isn’t the love, gratitude, joy, bliss and happiness really more fun? Doesn’t it take you to amazing places? Just keep following it!

Expressing gratitude for all of the little and big things in your life really helps you realize all of the wonders, joys and fun that you already have so you can build on them to make your life even more amazing.


Now get out there and express some gratitude!

Let the gratitude begin!


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