Change – Here’s Your Invitation

What if you are the invitation for change that the world requires?

When you are an invitation for change, as you change your life and your energy and how you function in life, it changes the energy all around you. When the energy changes around you, it makes it easier for others to change their energy. It’s like you clearing the trail for them! It allows them to step into something new!

As your energy changes, you become the invitation for change to others around you. Other people can come play in your energy.


Energy Around You

What do you know about energy and how it affects those around you?

Have you ever entered a room that’s filled with tension and someone makes a joke? What does that do? It lightens up the room and everyone feels more at ease, they can be more jovial and less serious. Just that one shift in energy invited everyone else in the room to more ease and less stress.

It works the same when you change your energy. Those around you, those in your energy, can sense the difference. By shifting your energy, you are actually inviting everyone else to a different possibility, without requiring anything of them, without projecting anything on them or expecting something of them, you just invite them to come play in your energy. How much fun is that?!? How much ease and joy and happiness can that create for you?

Be More

So many people don’t realize that they can have and be more. They don’t realize that they have SO MANY MORE choices available to them. They don’t know that they can choose something different — that they aren’t stuck with what they have chosen so far.

Many people believe that they have just a few choices and that once they choose, they can’t choose again. That old saying, “you’ve made your bed, now you have to lie in it” is really what many people believe life is.

What if you could simply climb into the other bed in the room? What if you can upgrade to a master suite? What if you could upgrade to the penthouse suite? Would your view and perspective be different from there?

Are you ready to acknowledge all the choices that you have and that asking questions is the key?

Stop The Energy Flow

Now I know that this lack of choice POV is how most of us were raised. We had these limitations heaped on us as to how we should lead our lives, what is and is not possible, etc. And, because those thoughts, ideals, ideologies, and so forth came from family, friends, authority figures, experts and so forth, we accepted them as real and true, OR we rejected them and decided that just the opposite had to be true. So we took those things on and locked them into our bodies so that nothing that didn’t match those ideas could show up.

It stops your energy flow and limits your possibilities.

What if you could free yourself of those limitations and explore what is true for you and your body?

It’s All About Questions

What if asking questions is an invitation to truly creating a different reality for us? What if questions invite you to something beyond the limitations that you thought were real? Simply asking more questions can allow you to create what you would like to create in the world.

If you start creating what you desire to create, you will change your energy and the world around you.

And then everyone around you can play in that energy and start changing their world too.

Are you ready to be that invitation to change?

Be the trailblazer!


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