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Choosing Unhappiness

Week of February 19, 2018 Have you seen Dain Heer’s Facebook live video, Never Look for Why … POC and POD the Lie? Some of the new clearings coming from Access concerning lies are amazing. Dain suggests that when you start asking “Why?”, that you POC and POD the lies creating it ten times and […]

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Fighting Happiness

Did you know that your natural instinct is happiness? When you aren’t being that, when you aren’t being happy, you are fighting against it. What if your natural state of being is to be happy? How much energy are you expending fighting against the happiness you could have? Happiness heals … it heals people, it […]

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Heaven Vs Hell – It’s All Perspective

When I was a child I watched an episode of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery called Hell’s Bells. It was about a hippy (played by John Astin) who gets killed in a car accident and arrives in a waiting room which he presumes is hell. He is excited about it and expects to see all the […]

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Gratitude – The New Water

Did you realize that gratitude is like water … it makes things grow. Yes, just like water, when you sprinkle gratitude on things it makes them grow and thrive. Gratitude revives your attitude, it freshens your outlook, it nourishes your soul. Gratitude is the new water! You’ve seen the “instant” products that say, “Just add […]

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The Gift Of Joy and Happiness

Are you willing to have joy and happiness in your life? Did you say “Of course I am!!” or did you say “What’s that?” Either one is OK; it’s just where you are in your life, but is it where you’d like to be? Joy, bliss, and ecstasy are what we experience when we are […]

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Three Tips To Fall Into Joy

A recent Harris Poll indicates that only one in three Americans are happy. Success, education and increased annual household income create only marginally more happiness. So what is it that stands between you and being happy? What can you do to be happier? Here are a few tips.   Stop “Shoulding” On Yourself How much […]

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