​Gratitude For Life
21-Day Challenge




Are you ready to increase your love ​for life?

Are you stuck in negativity?

Constantly looking at the glass half empty or completely empty?

Do you dread getting up in the morning to face the day?

​Then it's time for a ​Gratitude ​Makeover!

​Expressing Gratitude for all levels of your life, ​large or small, ​changes your ​outlook and your ​life!

​Focusing on gratitude attracts more of what you ​are ​thankful for into your life.

Based on Dawn's book, Gratitude For Life Journal, this ​21-Day virtual program will ​assist you ​appreciate all areas of your life and express gratitude for those areas; thus attracting more of what you ​are thankful for.

​Here's what you get:

  • ​Weekly group calls
  • Daily activities of gratitude
  • Private Facebook ​group
  • ​Learn to appreciate the big and small things
  • Realize all that you have in your life to be grateful for
  • ​Focus on what ​obstacles can teach you
  • Keep your gratitude momentum going

We begin February 21

Show yourself some love ... bring more gratitude, joy and ​happiness into your life

Regular investment for this 21-day adventure is $297.

Register ​now ​for

ONLY $197

Register before February 2nd

and ​receive a free 45-minute session with Dawn (value over $125)

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