No Choice Universe

Do you believe that you live in a “no choice universe”? That’s a place where change is impossible and you have no choices left.

Is that truly how you see your life?

When did you buy into that?

Would you be willing to give that up now and return it to whoever you bought it from?


Mission Impossible

When you start believing that you have no choices, then things become impossible to have, impossible to change, impossible to be.

Once you decide that things are impossible, you make them limitations in your world. They become barriers that you can’t through or over or under!

Now you’re trapped behind that barrier as if you have no way out. But is that true either?

You always have choices.

What is ONE thing that you don’t think is possible that if you chose it would change your entire reality?  What if you could JUST CHOOSE IT! What is the worst that could happen if you chose it? Would the world come to an end? Would anyone die? Really, what keeps you from choosing that thing?

What have you decided is impossible for you?

What makes it impossible? Is it impossible because other people have told you that it is impossible? Is it impossible because you believe you aren’t smart enough, strong enough, pretty enough, rich enough, etc, etc?

Have you ever tried it to see if it is truly impossible for you?

Perhaps now is the time to actually choose that impossible thing, just for you, just for fun!


Shields Up

Or you can choose to keep creating more and more barriers.

You create so many barriers for yourself one way or another. And for what purpose? Do they actually help you in any way?

Or are they distractions that keep you from what you would like to be doing and having and being?

Are they excuses for why you can or cannot be, do or have what you desire?

You expend so much energy keeping those barriers that you have created in place. And then you expend a lot more energy trying to get through or over or under those barriers. It’s quite exhausting!

What if you just chose to go around them. Yes, just side-step them as if they aren’t even there and chose something different? After all, are they actually real or are you just making them up?


It’s All About The Choice

Again, it’s about making choices that are different than the ones that have led you to this point. Just as Albert Einstein is attributed to have said, the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

What choices do you actually have available to you that you could be choosing but are not making?  What choices are you actually avoiding making? Not making a choice is still a choice by default. Do you truly wish to live your life by default?

What choices do you have that you are not making that would allow you to get around every limitation that you have decided you cannot overcome?

What have you decided that you can’t change without destroying you, your life and everyone you have ever loved in any lifetime? Is that really true? Is it actually as dramatic and traumatic as all that?

What if you could just choose for you? What if you could just make the choices that would lead you to the life you’d like to live?

What if you stopped over-analyzing every choice that you make and just ask the universe what would be the greatest contribution to you, the planet and the universe?

You might be pleasantly surprised at what shows up when you do that – when you let go of trying to control and constrain everything and just ask more questions.

What could you choose that would be the greatest contribution to you, the Earth and the universe?

Just ask.


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