Could Unfulfilled Promises Be Destroying Your Life?

Politicians, used car salesmen, and wayward lovers are well known for making promises that remain unfulfilled. But we do it too.

Unfulfilled promises keep you stuck so you can never move beyond the promise you have made or that you are waiting for others to keep.

“Rather than creating your future…you say I have this promise I have to keep. Or I have this promise I have to make. None of it has anything to do with what’s true for you.” That’s what founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas said recently on the Creative Edge of Consciousness.

Unfulfilled promises can be deeply corrosive. Imagine making a promise to not be poor in your next life and then finding yourself without all the money you desire in this lifetime? You would judge yourself as wrong 24/7! Or, if you made an unfulfilled promise to never not be like everyone else, how could you be as different as you truly are?

Anytime you have a sense that something isn’t coming to fruition, you’re dealing with an unfulfilled promise. Either one that you made or one that someone else made to you.

  • So how many unfulfilled promises have you made that you have not kept?
  • What unfulfilled promises have you made to others that you feel obliged to keep?
  • How many unfulfilled promises have others made to you that they have never kept?
  • What unfulfilled promises have others made to you that you are still waiting for them to keep?

So what’s the opposite of unfulfilled promise? It is choice — and as Gary Douglas often says – “choice creates”.

Promises to Yourself

Have you ever functioned from any of these?

  • If I have money it will be all easy
  • If I have money, I will be happy
  • If I live in the sun I’ll be happy
  • If I have a relationship with ___ my life will be perfect
  • I will not be happy until I get it right
  • I will not be happy until ____ occurs
  • Someday I’ll be happy

Those are unfulfilled promises that you never keep to yourself. Instead, you could choose happiness.

Promises To Others

Have you ever promised to ALWAYS or NEVER do something? Did you keep that promise? If you didn’t, are you blaming yourself for not keeping it? Or you do believe that you must continue keeping it no matter what?

Promises From Others To You

And then there are the promises that others made to you. Are you not allowing yourself to be happy UNTIL they keep their promises?

Again, you could choose to be happy now and if they ever keep their promises, you could be EVEN HAPPIER! Wouldn’t that make your life a whole lot more fun?


So what can you choose that nobody else can choose?  What would it take for you to choose what contributes to YOU right now?

As Gary said, “There are no unfulfilled promises, there are only choices that haven’t been made.”


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