The Gift Of Joy and Happiness

Are you willing to have joy and happiness in your life?

Did you say “Of course I am!!” or did you say “What’s that?”

Either one is OK; it’s just where you are in your life, but is it where you’d like to be?

Joy, bliss, and ecstasy are what we experience when we are in the space of peace created by having no judgment in our universe and by experiencing gratitude for the people in our lives and for what’s going on in our lives with no judgment.

When you function from the joy, bliss, and ecstasy of life, you can have infinite possibilities. If you function from the sadness, the pain and the suffering of life, you are probably functioning from limited possibilities.



Unhappy is how intensely wrong and miserable you are. The more intense it is, the more real it is for you. The problem with happiness is it has no intensity so you believe it can’t be real.

Happiness is a choice that most many people never make. You can choose happiness and joy at any time. You can choose to be joyful and happy. Joy is a whisper of question, choice, possibility, and contribution.

Which would you truly like to have as your life: the misery and intensity of unhappiness or the lightness of joy and happiness?

It’s your choice.


Laughter and True Joy

One of the really cool things about being joyful is that you get to laugh!!

Did you know that laughter is one of the greatest gifts in the world?

  • Laughter helps clear more blocks than tears. If you get someone to laugh, can they still be angry? Laughter just blows right through all the trauma and drama and shifts their mood!
  • Laughter is disturbing to who prefer to be embroiled in trauma and drama. If you are going to be happy all the time you just can’t stay in the trauma and drama.

Living joyfully is enjoying every moment of every day, and having your life be dedicated to gratitude for everything that shows up.

True joy is kindness, gratitude, peace, and calm – the three bars (of Access Consciousness Bars sessions) that people most often forget to run.

What’s the value of never having the joy, peace, calm, kindness, and gratitude that you truly be?


Celebrating Living

What would you like to create your life as? That might be where the fun and the joy of living exist.

Personally, I would like to live so that every day of my life is a celebration – every moment of every day. Every day is another possibility for a greater life.

Which would you rather have?

Are you living your life as a celebration? Are you waiting for a special occasion? If you wake up in the morning, it’s a special occasion. Your life needs to be a celebration. If it’s not, why are you bothering?

What’s the value of never celebrating living?

You need to make living a celebration. Every moment of every day should be a celebration. What are you celebrating right now? If you’re celebrating and joyful, you are generating and creating your life. If you don’t celebrate, if you moan and groan, you are destroying your life.

How many of you save your good china, jewels, and clothes for a special occasion? Every day is a special occasion. You woke up today. That’s special.

If you are willing to have a joyful life and living, then you receive more joy and happiness … it follows the joy, it follows the energy that matches what you are creating! If you live your life with an abundance of joy, more comes to you.

And isn’t that what you would truly like to create – a joyful life; a life you would love to live?


What infinite capacity for joy and happiness do you truly have?

Are you ready to express it with joy and gratitude?

You’d be amazed at how much more joy and happiness are you now capable of generating and creating!

Give it a go! Be joyful!


Did you catch my webinar, “More Adventures With Are You Living A Myth”? We covered tips on busting those myths and breaking out into living a life that works for you! Here’s the replay for you to enjoy: