Does It All Come Out In The Wash?

Have you ever done laundry and when you pulled the clothing out of the machine it is so tangled together that you’d swear it had fused together on a molecular level and was now just one giant mass of cloth?

Wasn’t it interesting and perhaps annoying to unravel and unwind it trying to create some sort of sense and separation of it so you could do more with it?

I know that when I have done that, I often ended up wondering just how in the world it got so entwined in the first place.

And then I thought how sometimes I have done that in my life too.

What do I mean by that?


Let me ask you, have you ever linked a number of the events in your life together in such a way that every time you look at one event, all the other things that you have somehow associated with that event sneak up and attack you all at once?

In Access we call that gallumping. Dr Dain Heer, co-founder of Access Consciousness® defines gallumping as “gallumping is where you take all these different things and you shove them together and then when any one of them gets activated they all light up and get activated and you go into this weird freak out and you can’t find a way to get to the lightness of what’s actually true for you.”

For example, maybe you have linked your sister’s birthday with a fight that you had with your best friend at the birthday party that resulted in you not speaking to your friend for years. Maybe you even went so far as to link other arguments with that friend to this one and even how everyone spoke to you at the party and now you have one huge tangled mess.

So, as a result, every time you think of your sister’s birthday, the fight you had with your friend comes up and then all of those other events that you tangled with it and you end up reliving the whole thing all over again.


Separating the Tangle

Are all those events truly related? Well, perhaps that ONE birthday party and the fight with your friend, but it certainly is not connected to all of your sister’s birthdays or birthday parties.

Now that you have that gallumping you can never separate them and never be present in any one part? You prevent yourself from enjoying parts of your life that are now gallumped together because you don’t know how to untangle the events. Every time you start trying the events attack you again and you just give up trying to change anything.

So how do you untangle, separate and change it?


Ask Questions

Start asking yourself some questions about the tangle such as:

  • What events have I actually gallumped into this tangle?
  • Are these events actually related?
  • What extra thoughts, feelings and emotions have I attached to all of these that aren’t actually related to them?
  • What would I be aware of if I allowed myself to look at each of these separately?

Usually things will start to melt and separate, giving you clarity so you can start dealing with each separately.

You’ll be able to be present with the different parts so you can start creating the changes with them that can give you more peace and more choices.


Allow yourself the gift of untangling and un-gallumping, it can create amazing shifts in your life.


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