Possibilities Or Just The Usual

Do you desire predictability in your life?

Do you want everything planned and known every step of the way so you have no surprises?

Do you prefer that your future and your reality be so predictable that you almost don’t have to live it?


Just The Usual

When you do that, you are actually cutting out the possibilities that could show up in favor of predictability.

You’ve told the universe “Yep, just give me the usual. None of that fancy new, unknown stuff. Just the same old thing I always get.”

You’re asking for only the things that you already know, the things that have happened before. Now the universe cannot show you different choices and possibilities that you may not have considered or even known anything about.

It’s just going to be “business as usual” rather than “What else is possible that I might never have ever considered.”


Coming To Conclusion

You create your reality from conclusion when you try to have predictability.

Every conclusion you come to stops you from having awareness of anything else. Once you have a conclusion, that’s it, you stop looking for other possibilities.

And every conclusion requires a judgment about what is right or wrong, good or bad or anything else. Judgment eliminates anything that would be different from coming into your awareness.

Every judgment eliminates the capacity to perceive anything that does not match it. As soon as you have a judgment, you come to a conclusion. Therefore you cannot see that there really could be another choice (or a dozen other choices) available.


Open The Door

What if you created reality from possibility instead? What is possible that you haven’t considered?

When you start to function from possibility and awareness instead of conclusion, doors start to open; doors that you never even knew existed.

As they open, more awareness comes to you, which gives you more choices and possibilities of what else is out there for you.

You have a whole smorgasbord of choices and possibilities once you stop having “the usual.”

Isn’t that what you’d truly like in life … more choices and more possibilities for a different and more expanded life?

There’s just so much more than what you have been choosing as your life.

But it’s your choice to make.

You can continue to “just have the usual” or you can ask the universe to show you what other possibilities exist that you haven’t considered.

It’s up to you.



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