Secrets To Climbing Out Of The Rut

Have you ever started watching a show on TV and it seemed familiar yet you couldn’t remember how it ended? So you watched it all of the way through and just before it was over you remembered the ending?

Was it worth watching all of it yet again just to see the ending that you already knew?

Have you had that in life too where situations and events started to seem familiar and yet you continued on in the same pattern only to get the same result again?


Ask More Questions

One way to break out of those patterns is to ask more questions.

When things start to seem familiar again and you aren’t really liking where the situation is going, ask questions like:

  • What other choices do I have here that I haven’t considered?
  • What can I change here?
  • What do I love about this pattern?
  • What will it take to change or eliminate this pattern?

Then listen for the whispers from the universe of new possibilities. Watch for changes and choices and new availabilities.


Throw Away The Map

You might also consider that perhaps you aren’t even open to different outcomes.

Sometimes you get stuck believing that there is only one way for events to unfold. That closes you off to other outcomes. You ignore the array of possibilities available because you are stuck in that belief that only one path is open.

You’ve mapped it out so well and so often that you are so deep into the rut that you believe there is nothing but the rut.

How do you break or climb out? Again, start asking questions.

  • If I wasn’t following this map or this pattern, what would I be aware of?
  • If I wasn’t stuck in this rut, what other choices might I have that I have believed impossible?
  • What have I decided is impossible and inconceivable that might actually be a choice for me here?

And again, allow the universe to whisper possibilities to you … and give you a ladder so you can climb out!

Remember, just because you made your bed, doesn’t mean you have to lie in it. You can always check out of the room and get a better bed!


Release The Judgements

Another thing that can cut off your awareness of possibilities is judging that there is only one right, true, best choice because ….

And you can fill in the blank there. Sometimes it’s because of the way you were raised and the teachings you received as a child that you believe only certain actions are valid.

Sometimes it’s because experts and authority figures have told you the appropriate choices.

And so on and so forth.

You buy into these belief systems that try to dictate what you should and shouldn’t do and which tell you that some choices are so wrong so don’t choose them.

So you cut off your awareness and your choice in favor of what others tell you rather than asking:

  • What really works for me?
  • What would be a contribution to my life?
  • What would make me happy?


Living For You

So are you ready to start making choices that actually work for you?

It’s all about asking questions and choosing FOR you rather than for everyone else.

Choose a different program or movie rather than listening to the same old one again and again. Take a new path and avoid the ruts.

You have so many other choices and possibilities available to you if you just allow yourself to see and choose them!


Time to live for you!


Looking for more ways to start choosing for you? Check out my eBook “Questions to Change Your Life“ to help you explore what possibilities you actually have in your life.