Signs You Need To Restore Your Balance And How

My husband and I just returned from a two-week cruise and land tour vacation … and I am exhausted!

It was fun and we did amazing things, but we got home and said “we need a vacation!”

And I had all these things that I needed to do, so I have been busy non-stop since I got back!

So that rest and relaxation that I kept promising myself was not as restorative as I had hoped!

And then this morning I asked myself, is all of that true or am I telling myself that story? And the reply I received was … it’s mostly a story!

So I did my “return to sender” and other Clearing Statements® on it and I feel so much better!

Now, did that mean I was “out of balance”? Maybe. Mostly what it was for me was that I had bought into other people telling me how exhausting all that must have been and that I should have rested more and blah, blah, blah, rather than actually asking if it was mine and how could I change it!!!

How often have you created the ideal of what rest and relaxation SHOULD look like and how you should act and feel during and after it? Does it ever turn out that way for you?

I have noticed that for me, whenever I have an expectation of what my “time off” is supposed to be like and what I will do during it and how I should feel afterwards, it never really turns out that way. And that when I allow myself to be upset or disappointed after that difference from the “expected outcome” that that is when I actually do start feeling exhausted and out of balance.

So what did I do this morning?

A friend told me that I looked really tired so I started asking questions about it.

Who does this belong to?” — It lightened up, so then I asked …

Is it mine?” — I got a “No”, so I said “Return it to sender with consciousness attached”.

There was still something there, so I asked “Is this something the Earth is asking of me?” — I got a “Yes”, so I said “Everything that the Earth is asking of me, I send it now. 1-2-3”.

And then I expanded my energy out to the Earth and just did an energy exchange with her and everything really lightened up. It was so restorative!!!

It really made me realize that I had been neglecting to do that recently. I had put a lot of time and energy into our vacation and preparing for our vacation and getting all of the business stuff done in advance so I could be gone for two weeks and paying bills and all sorts of things, but I had not done my usual energy practices for ME!

That changes NOW!

So, what was my point in telling you all of that?

Let me ask you, “Are you doing that same thing? Are you neglecting YOU?”

How do you tell if you are? Well for me the signs are: fatigue, irritability, upset and other things that are not usually part of what I experience.

When you start feeling that, ask those questions and taking the actions that I did:

  • Who does this belong to?”
  • Is it mine?”
  • Return it to sender with consciousness attached
  • Is this something the Earth is asking of me?”
  • Everything that the Earth is asking of me, I send it now. 1-2-3

Then do something just for you: get out into nature, take a long shower or bath, ride your bicycle, play with the cat or dog, whatever it is that nourishes YOU.

And if one thing isn’t enough to restore you then do 2 or 5 or 10!!

You’re worth it!!

Until next time, my friend, remember to take care of you!


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