Is Your Life A Constant Battle?

Do you look at your life as a constant struggle; as something you must fight against? Is it a battle every day from the time you get out of bed until you go back to bed at night?

Is your life really that much of a struggle, or are you creating struggles and obstacles just so you can prove that you can overcome them?


Yes, it’s true, you just might be doing that!

Ask yourself, “Do I believe that I must always have something to overcome, something to fight, something to fix?

And if you don’t, do you think that your life would have to purpose and no meaning?

Some people are just fixers. They always have to have something or someone to fix, some obstacle to overcome, just to prove that they can do it.

And the other part to that is that, if nothing shows up for them to fix, they create it instead. Then they are doubly capable because they can create something incredibly troublesome and then fix it too! How amazing does THAT make them?

As a “recovering fixer”, I understand that need. It can be such a satisfying feeling to fix things, to overcome those obstacles, help someone overcome their obstacles, and win those battles. But it wasn’t really getting me anywhere.

Instead, I finally realized that I was creating more trauma and drama in my life just to have things to focus on rather than focusing on how NOT to have those things in my life!

Yes, I would create just enough money difficulties to make it look important and impossible, but not enough to actually BE impossible.

Just enough relationship difficulties and troublesome people to make it appear like a tangled mess, but not enough that I couldn’t get out of it and find some peace.

Just enough difficulties and frustrations with my job to make it seem overwhelming, but not enough to actually quit.

It was a great game!

And then one day a friend said to me, “You don’t really have to fight so hard.” And I realized that I was continually creating the battles. That life didn’t have to be that way!

If I had had my Access Consciousness® tools at the time, I would have asked, “what do I have to be and do to have more ease in my life,” but I didn’t have those yet, but I had other tools and used them to start clearing all of that mess out so I could stop battling and start creating a life that was more enjoyable.

So, what things in your life have you been fighting? Have you been fighting with your body, your relationships, your job?

Are you creating things to overcome so you can prove that you can do it?

Are you creating obstacles to distract you from actually getting to the root of what is not working in your life?

What else would be possible if you stopped struggling, stopped fighting, stopped distracting?

Are you ready to create something different?

Stop fighting life, your body and everything else in life?

Last week the Clearing Statements® in my “Learning To Love Your Body Again” series focused on that topic. If you aren’t part of the series, you can still Sign up here.

I use the clearing statements all of the time to help me let go of things like trauma and drama so I can create a life that I enjoy living. You can receive them in the mail weekly by signing up here .

So, are you ready to ask yourself what it would take to make your life easier and more fun? Now is a great time!