You Have A Choice

Jackson Kiddard said, “If you knew you had a choice about what kind of life you could be living, would you choose different?”

Would you choose something different?

Do you even realize that you CAN choose something different?

Because you DO have a choice!

And if that choice doesn’t work, you can choose something different and if that doesn’t work you can choose something different and so on!

You have so many choices if you just allow yourself to see them.

Creating Your Prison

So what makes you believe that you don’t have choice? Why don’t you see those choices?

You were probably brought up that way. You were probably brought up using your past to create your future. You use your past experiences and what others have taught and told you determine whether or not we CAN do or be something new. You let what others have told you is possible and proper determine what you are allowed to do and be.

You narrow hour life down to just a small number of choices and make yourself believe that is all that is available, all that is possible for you.

You make yourself believe that is all you can EVER do and be!

Then you tell yourself that it’s OK, that it is enough.

What if you didn’t have to live that way?

At the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Olympics, Shane Koyczan said: “Don’t let your luggage define your travels.”

What if your life doesn’t have to fit into the little tiny box you have defined for it so it will fit into the overhead compartment?

True, it may be a lovely little box. After all, you’ve spent so much time building it, brick by brick, limiting belief by limiting belief until it’s your entire world and you can’t even see out! Then you decorated it to make it more tolerable, so maybe you wouldn’t notice that it’s still a box, still a prison!

Choose Different

Do you believe you must stay in that prison? You probably do. You probably don’t realize that you have so many possibilities to choose from because those walls get in your way.

You can make a prison break!!

You can make different choices!

You can let go of the things that are not working for you and choose something different!

And, if you choose something that doesn’t work? Well then, just choose something else!

You don’t have to keep trying to make that one choice work!

You don’t have to keep trying to prove that you were right for making that choice!

You can let it go and choose something else!

Often you get stuck trying to prove that something was right, that you didn’t make a mistake when you chose it. People don’t want to look bad for making a choice that didn’t work.

So you hang onto it even tighter and try to make it work so you can say, “see, I was right!”

And it’s still not working, so you just keep holding on tighter and tighter instead of just saying … “Well this isn’t working, time to choose something different” and letting go so you can be free to choose something else.

Letting go unlocks that from your body from the energy of that thing and sets you free.

Just because you got to this point in your life by doing things a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t do something different now.

Remember … “Don’t let your luggage define your travels.”

So maybe it’s time to stop letting your past restrict your present and your future. Maybe it’s time to break down that pretty little box you built.

As you break down those walls, remove those limiting beliefs and all that baggage that you believe define you, you will see that there are a lot more choices out there than you thought, you just have to adjust your view to see them.

Time To Act

And THEN you have to act.

As Morpheus says in the Matrix “I can only show you the door. You have to walk through it.”

You have to act, you have to choose.

In Access Consciousness® (a set of tools and processes designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone) there is a question they ask — ”What Else Is Possible?” ®

The universe is just WAITING to show you the possibilities!! When you ask, the universe happily shows you the possibilities and abundance it has for you!! Each time you ask a question, it opens more possibilities! Doors fly open, things show up, your life changes!

So ask yourself, is now the time for you to stop functioning on autopilot and to start accepting the abundance that the universe has waiting for you?

You are a beautiful, amazing, infinite being!! Let yourself shine!

Are you ready to punch through the walls of that box, dust yourself off, toss out some baggage and get moving?

You have all those possibilities to check out and an amazing life to live!

As we say in Access Consciousness®, all of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory! ®

Let the Joy and Ease begin!!


Looking for more ways to discover your possibilities? Check out my eBook “Questions to Change Your Life“ to help you explore what choices you can have in your life.