That Knight In Shining Armor Is Late

Are you waiting for your Prince or Princess Charming to come and change your life?

Do you believe that you have to have a knight in shining armor rescue you from your life and take care of you?

Or maybe you just believe that you can never be happy until:

  • You have the perfect job
  • You have the perfect house
  • You have the perfect relationship
  • You graduate from college
  • Your kids move out
  • , Etc, Etc.


Creating Barriers

Have you ever considered how many barriers you are creating to your happiness with that list of “I can’t be happy until” events?

Do you believe that if you get one of those things that you can be happy, or do you believe you have to have the entire list?

Will that entire list ever happen?

Will your life ever measure up to that list?


Judging Your Life

All of those judgments that you have to make about whether your life is measuring up just lead to more judgments and more frustration and more trauma and drama.

How much do you make yourself wrong for not being able to create all of those things in your life?

That creates still more unhappiness because now you are such a complete and utter failure!

It’s no wonder your prince never shows up! He can’t find you under that huge pile of wrongness and unhappiness and judgment! And perfection is probably terrified of that pile too!

And the horse that the knight in shining armor is riding probably just turns tail and runs at the sight of that pile!


Oops, What Happened?

Did you just crack a smile then?

Maybe even allowed a small chuckle to fight its way out?

You see, happiness CAN show up in your life!

Happiness doesn’t require that list of “until” items!


Happiness is a Choice

No, happiness requires you to choose it! Choose to be happy! Choose to say things like “I may not have a perfect house, but it has a great tree in the backyard!”

“My job may not be perfect, but it gives me the money I need to travel.”

“Maybe the knight in shining armor didn’t show up, but that guy is kind of cute and he has a shining smile.”

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have dreams and things to which you aspire. What I am saying is to grab your happiness where you find it. All those small happinesses will create a BIG happiness in your life and really shift what is going on for you!

So, enjoy a sunset or sunrise.

Relax in a gentle breeze under a tree.

Walk barefoot in the sand.

Grab happiness by the hand and run with it!

You’ll be glad that you did!


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