Ways To Stop Living The Myth

John F. Kennedy said “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic

How often are you buying into the myths and lies of what others tell you SHOULD BE rather than asking what else is possible for your life?

Do you make yourself wrong for not being and doing what others say you should be and do?

The Myths

You probably know the standard mythology of things like unicorns and dragons and so forth. And you know that they are considered to be a myth, something that isn’t real.

And yet, you have myths in your life that you live by. Things that aren’t real, but you’ve taken them on as if they are real and as if you must follow them.

What are these myths? Where do they come from?

Have you ever found yourself saying things like

  • Mom always said that was silly
  • I can’t do that, I’m not good enough
  • Women (or men) can’t or shouldn’t do that
  • One day Prince/Princess Charming or my Knight in shining armor will rescue me and take me away and will take care of me!
  • You must always take care of everyone else – it is your highest calling – everyone else comes first thus you come LAST
  • You have to work hard for your money

You use these MYTHS — definitions of our roles and of success that you receive from your parents, teachers, role models, society, and others — to define your life.

Every time you reaffirm a myth/belief like that, you lock it into your version of reality, and you narrow the number of possibilities that you believe are available to you which shrinks your view of reality and forces you into a smaller life.

And you push yourself to either meet those definitions or to defy them.

Then you create scorecards that you use to measure whether you are living according to those definitions.


The Lies

Myths are assumptions that you bought into for one reason or another (an authority figure said it, society professes it, it is popular, etc) and then believed that you had to make it work for you.

What if that isn’t true? What if you don’t have to make it work for you? What if that is really a lie, for you at least?

Just because something is popular or works for someone else, doesn’t mean that it must be right and work for you!

Not everything is “one size fits all.”


What If?

What if you could start looking at what is going on in your life and start asking what the myths are that are driving you?

And then be willing to explore them and see if they are they really working for you or are actually contributing to you.

What if you could ask what actually works for you? What if you asked what other possibilities you have right now and asked the universe to show them to you?

What would that create in your life?

Are you ready to break free of those myths and live your life for you?

Now is the time!


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