Consciousness LITE – Contribution or Lie?

Have you ever heard of “Consciousness LITE”? It’s where you are willing to make only tiny changes in your life, just enough so you can say you are making changes, but not enough to really rock your world or anyone else’s world either.

Is that what you are doing in your life? Only going through the motions of change but not actually making any?

What if making minuscule changes just doesn’t cut it anymore?


It’s a LIE

When I initially thought about this topic, I kept typing “Consciousness LIE” rather than LITE!! And that’s what it really is to me. Consciousness Lite is a LIE. It’s more like just following the latest fad, like whatever Dr. Oz says!!

So it isn’t that you are doing it, you think you are, you tell people that you are, but it’s a lie. You aren’t.

You are only doing it because the TV tells you to, not because you are drawn to it!

And you only do the surface stuff that they cover on TV.

Are you only willing to stick in your big toe into the pool of consciousness and change rather than jumping in?

Are you ready to stop just skimming the surface of consciousness? Are you ready for full immersion consciousness?

WHAT IF you started looking for the word that rings true VS looking for people to tell you what to do?


Why Consciousness Lite?

What are some of the reasons people don’t want full consciousness?

Is it that you don’t want it all because you think something bad will happen if you have it all … you’ll be less appealing, less attractive, whatever … Where does that come from that less is best?

Or maybe you think that having more than you need makes you greedy and bad or makes you a glutton and you’ll be punished?

Have you bought into the idea that you must give everything away in order to be “good” and “enlightened” and “rewarded”?

How much of LITE is that you don’t want to be uncomfortable with the changes and don’t want to rock the boat or lose friends or change your lifestyle?

Or maybe you don’t want to make the changes you would have to make in order to have something more in life?



Willing Or Unwilling To Receive

What you refuse to receive becomes the limitation you cannot overcome.

Have you ever noticed that the more you resist, the less you receive?

  • Do you resist people contributing to you?
  • Do you resist having some people in your life?
  • Do you resist everything that is not ease, joy and glory? Rather than including everything?

Just for today, what if you would be willing to receive everything… the good, the bad and the ugly. And ask all of it to be a contribution to you. YES, this is actually how it works.

Does this explain anything about your life for you? Oops!!

What are you refusing to receive that if you were willing to receive it would change your life and bring you all you desire?

There are no difficulties in life except when you will not receive… money, sex, awareness, judgment… If you’re willing to receive everything, then you can have everything or not, by choice!

Sounds simple right? So how do you allow a lot more receiving into your universe?


Allow Being Alive

What if there is something larger than life — and beyond the boring monotony often referred to as “life”?

What if that something is as simple as being totally ALIVE, with every molecule in your body and being present and vibratingly…ON?

Are you ready to choose the adventure of LIVING?

Really? Are you sure?

Where every day has its own unique magic, showing up in ways you can’t even imagine?

Ask yourself:

  • If my life was an adventure, what would I be willing to choose today that I have never been willing to choose before?
  • If I were living my life for the adventure of it what else would be possible that has never been possible before?
  • What creation am I using to invoke and perpetrate the minuscule change I am choosing? Am I ready to let that go now?


Choose for you! Choose what contributes to you!

Choose BIG!!!


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