You Are A Natural, Baby!

Edgar Degas, the famous French artist, said: “Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.”

That is so true. I used to really enjoy drawing and painting until I took art class in school. Then it was all about judgment. My work was too symmetrical, not symmetrical enough, not dark enough, not light enough, not detailed enough, not realistic enough, too realistic, etc.


Do you do that too? Do you ignore your natural talents and instincts in favor of how others tell you should you or should not do something?

Do you avoid what you enjoy doing just because other people tell you that something else should be more fun for you?

Natural Talents

What if you could just allow yourself to use your natural talents and abilities to accomplish tasks, even when it comes to things like art, cooking, sewing, putting things together, etc?

Have you ever just naturally accomplish a task one way and were completely satisfied with it until someone questioned it. Then did you start questioning yourself and judging your methods instead of just saying, “Yes that’s how I did it.”

We tend to believe that other people are more knowledgeable and accomplished that we are just because they may have some sort of training in a different method. But that training doesn’t make their method necessarily better than any other methodology, it just makes it different.

Many people have amazing natural talents and abilities that they never took classes to learn or refine, it simply makes sense to them to do things a particular way that WORKS!

Often trying to change or refine that natural talent leads to a lot of frustration for both the student and the teacher. And does it really make the student better? Maybe, maybe not.


I believe that the more important question is, is it really necessary to change them?

Again, maybe and maybe not. And if not, why try to force them to change?

Is it simply to control that person and to force your views upon them? To try to convince them that your way is better and you know best?

For some people who have been my instructors in my life, I would have to say that those were their reasons. They didn’t even want to hear that anyone else had a method that worked just fine for them.

The teacher knew best!

So I had to play along and do it their way, but after class, that didn’t necessarily carry on. I did it the way that made the most sense or was the easiest!


Ask Questions

So, when you are faced with people telling you that your way is wrong, start asking questions … at least to yourself, even if you don’t want to ask the person who is challenging you.

Ask yourself if there is merit in their method, is it easier, safer, does it produce a better end product? Or is it simply different?

Then choose what works best for you!


Different isn’t necessarily better or worse … it’s just different!


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