Dealing With Frustrations In Day-To-Day Life

Do things frustrate you?

Are there topics, situations and people that really push your buttons?

Once your buttons are pushed, do you tend to keep rehashing the events over and over in your mind and getting even more upset about it which only adds to your frustrations?!

So, what can you do about it?

Well, you can take out your aggression on a punching bag or primal screaming or some other such physical method, or you can keep that frustration from building up in the first place.

Yes, yes, you may believe the latter is impossible, but read on.


Interesting Point Of View

One great way to keep frustration from building up is a tool called “interesting point of view”.

This tool assists you in realizing that everything is just an “interesting point of view” — it is neither right nor wrong, nor good nor bad, it just is a point of view that you have taken at the moment and it can change. It is only when you place a judgment upon something that it becomes right, wrong, good or bad.

When you can look at everything as just an “interesting point of view” and allow it to be just as it is without judgment, it frees you and whoever or whatever else is involved. You no longer have to expend all that energy judging it and fighting it. You don’t have to defend for it or against it; you don’t have to make it right or wrong, you can just allow it to be whatever it is and let it flow.

You can stop struggling so hard!!

Thinking to yourself: “Interesting point of view I think this” or “Interesting point of view I have this point of view about ________” in situations can give you total freedom from hanging onto and getting stuck in any particular fixed point of view.

How? When you have a fixed point of view about a situation or person or whatever, it tends to stick you. It can become very solid and create blocks and limitations for you. It can prevent you from seeing anything that does not match that fixed point of view which in turn narrows down your available possibilities to only those that match that fixed point of view and so on and so on. Eventually you can’t see that you really have so many other choices available to you; instead all you can see are the things that match your fixed point of view.

When you allow yourself to view things as just an “interesting point of view” you can have allowance of everything and you don’t have a fixed point of view. You just have a point of view you have taken for the moment. It doesn’t mean anything and you can change it at any time.

It’s like standing outside of a situation and just observing it. You don’t create the attachments to any side of a situation, you just basically observing it and even if you do briefly take a side,  you don’t fight for or against it, you just let it go.

When you truly live as “interesting point of view” you are living in allowance, you have no point of view and nothing sticks you or limits you. When everything is just an “interesting point of view”, you start to create choice and question. When you live your life from choice and question you have more possibility and life gets easier.

You begin to see that it’s really just the place from which somebody looks at things that determines their limitation.

When you have no point of view, you can see and have ALL points of view, you can have infinite possibilities and you can be, do, have, create and generate anything … and you’ll have no point of view about it. And you’ll have so much more freedom and energy because you aren’t struggling with all those judgements and fixed points of view!

The more you can use “interesting point of view” or “interesting point of view I have that point of view about ______” for every thought, feeling, emotion and point of view you have, the more your problems will fade away.

If everything is just an “interesting point of view”, then you can ask these questions:

  • What does the universe require of me?
  • What does the world require of me?
  • What do you require of me?
  • What do I require of me?
  • What else is possible that I have never considered? ®

And you can be a true contribution to yourself, to everyone around you and to the world.

How does it get any better than that?®

(based on Access Consciousness® concepts)


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