Discovering What Else Is In Store For You In Life

Do you believe that you live in a “no-choice” universe?

“A what?” you may ask.

A no-choice universe is one in which you believe that you have very few choices and possibilities available to you. You believe that there is nothing left for you to choose that would change your current situation. You are stuck!

You have forgotten that you have a Universe of choices and possibilities available!

Now, you may ask, “Oh yeah, how do I get them?”

That’s the key! Yes, you just used the key!!

You asked!! You asked a question!!

Questions are amazing things!

Questions open the doors to possibilities. Questions tell the Universe that you are open to more choices, more possibilities, more change!

When you ask a question, you invite possibilities to show up!

When you ask for something, the universe goes, “Oh, you want that? OK cool.” Then it does everything it can to readjust things to get that for you.

Yes, the universe rearranges itself for you!

Pretty cool, huh?

Isn’t that what you would like to show up in your life?

Questions open doors! They invite more and new possibilities to show up!

Ask questions!


Now this may be a little strange for you, after all so that often you were probably told that you can only ask a few questions. After all, how often as a child did you ask questions only to be told “be quiet and go do something else” or “stop asking so many questions” or “aren’t you ever satisfied” or any of a dozen other phrases that started discouraging and shutting down your curiosity and wonder?

It may take you a while to get back into the swing of asking questions again, so here are a few for you to try out.

What is this?

What do I do with it?

Can I change it?

How do I change it?

What is really possible here?

What choices do I have here?

What else is possible?

What am I overlooking that could change this situation?

What can I be, do, have, or create today, that would generate a new reality for me right now?

What do I know that I am pretending not to know or denying or ignoring that I know that would change this?

How does it get any better than this?

If I choose this, will it expand my life?


And once you’ve asked the question, then LISTEN for the Universe to tell you or show you other possibilities that exist beyond what you have always chosen in the past. Be open to the infinite possibilities the Universe offers you in every second of your existence! And once the Universe gives you more possibilities and choices, choose one and ASK another question!!

Questions are very powerful tools that can literally set you free of all your limitations and blast you in to a life of ease, joy and glory.

When you are aware that the question can change the energy of any situation, you can begin to see that it is always a question that has opened up a different door, a different possibility for you.

If you are willing to continually ask the question … actually BE the question, live in the question, you open the doors to how all of life can come to you with ease, joy and glory.

Living as the question is more than just putting a question mark at the end of your sentence. It’s a way of being in which you are the question.

A lot of your limiting answers are what keep you from having oneness. When we live as the question, rather than trying to figure the answer out, we allow the universe to give us an answer that is greater than we can figure out.

When you start to live as the question, things start to show up in magical ways.

The more you ask the question, the more aware you become of the possibilities you have.

What is an example? Well, suppose you want to buy a car. You tell yourself that you can’t possibly get a car until you have, say, $5,000 in the bank because a good car can’t cost less than $20,000. So you don’t even consider looking for a car yet because you only have $1,000 in the bank.

Now you have already thrown several blocks in your way. You have decided that nothing can be even considered yet because the situation doesn’t match up to that starting point that you created — $5000 in the bank —- so you don’t even look.

What if there was a perfect car available to you right this very minute for only $15,000 and it only required $1,000 as a down payment? But, because you have locked out all possibilities of its existence, you don’t see it.

See how this works?

Instead, once you decided that you’d like a new car, start asking questions about how to get one, where to get one, how might the money show up, who can assist you in finding a great car, etc. Open the door to the possibility that you don’t know everything there is to know about finding a car!!

And allow the magic to begin!


Are you ready for an unreal, fantastic you?

Are you ready to create an unbelievable, phenomenal life?

Are you ready to allow yourself to be free?


If you are, then you may want to consider opening up to what the Universe is offering you. Free yourself from your self-imposed limitations and enjoy the possibilities!!

Ask a question!!

What else is possible?®


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