5 Simple Adjustments To Your Daily Routine To Reduce Stress

I have noticed lately that many of the people I have been talking to are complaining about stress and being overwhelmed.

It seems that many people just don’t think they are doing enough unless they are busy all the time! They are constantly driving the kids around, taking classes, working overtime, caring for others, talking on the phone, texting, caring for their business and more!
This tends to lead to a lot of stress, frustration, fatigue and just general unhappiness.

Does this sound like you? Do you even know how to relax and take some time for yourself anymore? Are you overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated or unhappy? Would you be willing to start caring for you again? It can have a huge benefit!

Here are a few things that I use for myself.

Get Off The Phone

Yes! Do you really need to make a phone call or text within 20 seconds after it comes in? Do you really need to be on the phone every evening? Put the phone down or better yet turn it off after 8PM (or even 7PM).
And relax. Talk to your family. Take a walk. Read. Soak in the tub!
And if it’s too hard to go cold turkey, at least do it one or two nights a week! It can be so freeing!

Get Off The Computer

Yes that too! Do you really need to surf Facebook or Pinterest or whatever your addictive website is? Could you consider giving yourself a time limit like 30 minutes to surf, then step away? Or decide no surfing after 8PM?

And again, if it’s too hard to go cold turkey, at least do it one or two nights a week! It too can be very freeing! See what the non-digitized world is like!

Let Go

YES, let go of all of those things you are trying to deal with for everyone else that aren’t yours …. LET THEM GO!! We are caring people and take on so much for others in an attempt to deal with it for them, to carry their burdens, to heal it for them or just to try to understand why they have the thing that is bothering them.

You CAN let go of other people’s problems, their burdens, their illnesses … they aren’t YOURS so LET THEM GO!! It’s OK! They need to learn to deal with all of that themselves or they tend to bring all that stuff back – then you BOTH have it!! Well, that didn’t work for either of you did it?

So let it go!! Just say, “These aren’t mine, bye bye!!!” and let all that weight and burden leave you! WHEW!!! How much weight did THAT lift off of your shoulders?!?


It’s amazing how we tend to hold our breath or breathe shallowly when we are stressed.

So stop and take a few deep breaths. Now, close your eyes and take a few more. Slow your breathing down. Let the tension flow out as you breathe out. Now, breathe in calm and relaxation. Repeat a few more times. Better?

Get Your Bars® Run

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So, there you have it, five simple ways to destress.

Give one a try, or two or maybe all five!!

You deserve it! Your body deserves it! And those around you deserve it too because when you destress, it helps those around you to destress too! It’s contagious!

Give it a try today!!

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