The Gift Of Being Wrong

Are you good at making yourself wrong for all of the things that don’t work out exactly as planned?

Do you wallow in your wrongness, going over it again and again so you can ensure that you KNOW just how wrong you are and what a failure that makes you?

And do you believe that it is OK because it is familiar territory for you?

Is that what you truly would like your life to be?

What if, when something doesn’t work out quite the way you had expected it to, what if you could ask yourself “What was the gift of this?”

What if somewhere in all of that perceived wrongness there was a gift for you?

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “How could there be a gift in there?” but consider that there might be. For instance, what if that thing not working out allowed you to try something different that worked out so much better than the first thing could ever have done?

Or what if it gave you the determination to make changes in your life that really improve your living?

Maybe that’s hard for you to grasp, but when you’re wallowing in all of that wrongness, another thing you can ask is, “If I wasn’t concluding that this didn’t work and was wrong, what would I be aware of?”

All that wrongness you are heaping upon yourself could be what is blocking you from seeing what is really going on. What if the thing you believe failed so miserably, didn’t really fail completely? Perhaps your misery and upset is blocking your awareness of where it actually went “right”? Or maybe it’s blocking you from seeing what else opened up as a possibility for you as a result of things not working out?

There are so many possibilities once you allow yourself to see that “wrongness” and having something “not work out” can be the gift that creates something completely different and new in your life if you just look at it from another vantage point!

So, be grateful for your gift of being wrong, open it up and see what’s inside!

Time to explore beyond the wrong!


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