Ways to Stop Living on Autopilot

They’ve been doing road construction on my way to my healing center for years now. (Yes, five years, but who’s counting?!) The traffic pattern changes frequently.

This morning I was particularly struck by the notion that it really makes me pay attention and be in the moment rather than driving on autopilot.

And I realized that that is so often what happens in our lives. We spend a great deal of our time on autopilot rather than being present.

We don’t pay attention to the traffic, the people around us, the events around us and so forth.

Plus we take things for granted. We always take the same actions. When A happens, we do B; when C happens, we do D, etc. We just go through the motions and don’t pay attention. We just assume that things are going to stay the same and be so predictable that we barely have to even be there to live it!

Is that what you really would like to have as your life?


Traffic Pattern Change

What if you started living your life as if your traffic pattern changed and you had to take a different route?

What if you started being present in your life, looking and even ASKING for new possibilities and opportunities?

What if you turned off your autopilot? Maybe even uninstalled it!

How much could that expand your life?

How much richer could your experience be?

How do you do that?



One thing you can do it ask more questions.

When something comes up, ask:

What choices do I have here that I have never considered?

What questions can I ask?

What could I be and do here that would make this turn out better than I could possibly imagine?



And allow the universe to show you the possibilities available to you. Let the energetic whispers of choice, possibility and change to start showing up.

Let go of how you think it should look, how it should be, when it should be … Those things shut down the energy flow, they make you not notice the possibilities that don’t match exactly how you believe it should be. Realize that it may not show up the way you expected. In fact it OFTEN doesn’t show up the way you expected and that’s OK. Just allow it to show up however it can because often it is even better than you could have imagined!

How cool is that?



And be present with your questions. Be present with the people around you. Be present with what you truly desire.

The Universe would like to gift to you, take notice of what it is offering so you don’t drive by it without even noticing it!

Remember, it may not have a big neon sign showing you where it is! It might just be sitting there off to the side of the road quietly waiting for you to notice!



Yes, when you are willing to stop being on autopilot, start asking questions and actually being present with what you would like to have in and as your life, amazing things show up.

Just ask!



Want more?

Check out my eBook, “Questions to Change Your Life” or even more ways to release autopilot settings!!