3 Secrets To Releasing The Significant Of Things

Are you spending a lot of time getting upset over things in your life?

Do you constantly fret and fume about events?

Maybe those things just aren’t that significant!


I know, you probably believe that everything that upsets you or causes you concern is extremely important, but have you considered how much time and energy you are spending on all of that?

And does all the upset actually change anything?

Do you really have any control over those things at all?

Many people allow themselves to get upset about all sorts of events that really have nothing to do with them or over which they have no control. They get frustrated and angry with everything going on around them, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with them.

I don’t know about you, but I have always had people in my life who argue over “current events” and “world affairs” as if those events



When you make things significant, you tend to not want to change them. You keep them around because you thought you finally got THAT right and want it to remain as a marker of your rightness.

Then you tend to use it as a point from which to create your future. So you just keep using your past to create your future which tends to allow you to just keep making the same mistakes over and over again with only slight variations!

Pretty cool, huh? NOT!!!

What if, instead, you realized that that thing may have been good then, but it’s OK to change it now. Just treat it like something along the roadside. When you see things along the road, most of them you just acknowledge that there is something there and just keep driving.

You just keep moving forward and let that thing stay there. You don’t have to stop and pick up everything along the road and bring it with you, you just leave it where it is and keep going!

When you can realize that the things which you make so significant become limitations, your life can really expand.

What if you can do things just for the fun of it, instead of from the importance of it, the significance of it, the necessity of it, the perfection of it, the right, good, perfect and correctness of it? You can just have that thing just because you can have it or would like to have it or you can just pass it by and that’s OK too.


So, when something seems so significant and important and vital, here are a few things to do.


Ask Questions

Yes, ask it if it really is that important. I know that sounds simplistic, but ask.

Is this thing really that important that I need to hang onto it? Is it something that is keeping me from moving on? Am I using it to create a limited future?

Questions are so powerful and so life-changing. They open the door to possibilities and change.

So, ask more questions and allow the possibilities to show up.


Let It Flow By

As I said before, just be willing to allow things to just flow right on by. Like the stuff along the road, just pass it by. You don’t even have to put it behind you, you can just let it flow away.

Or like the water in the river. Most of it you allow to flow along. When you try to stop it, you get resistance, you get struggle, you get clogs and blocks. If you can allow life to be more like a river where you use the flow to move you along and take you places, it really gets much easier.


Return To Sender

And my favorite tool is “Return To Sender.” That’s when you ask something if it is really yours to deal with, to have, to take on, or if it is actually coming from someone else.

For many people that is a foreign concept – “Of course it is mine, otherwise, I wouldn’t be aware of it!”

However, we are like huge satellite dishes, we pick up the thoughts, feelings, and emotions from others around us and believe that they are ours and we must do something with them. But in reality, over 90% of them belong to someone else and we can just let it go!

Yes, it’s true, you can return all of the stuff that you are picking up from others back out into the universe. You don’t have to keep it, you don’t have to fix it, you don’t have to deal with it, you don’t have to worry and fret over it, and so forth.

You can do what I do; you can say, “All this stuff I am picking up from others, taking on for others, it just isn’t mine and I return it to sender with consciousness attached and send it back out into the universe!”


All of those things can be so freeing! Give them a try!


And if you’d like more questions to ask and more ways to release your past, check out my eBook “Questions to Change Your Life“ to help you explore what possibilities you actually have in your life.