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Access Body Processes and More

Access® Body Processes are hands-on healing methods that assist with the healing, repairing and longevity of the body, facilitating the body back into its original function prior to physical or emotional trauma or injury. They have names like MTVSS (Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System) and Cellular Memory Release and Trauma Release.


What are the benefits of having an Access® Body Session? The benefits are numerous. The majority of people have said they feel a sense of well-being, more ease with their body, less pain, strengthened immune system and quicker recovery from ailments.

How are the processes run? You just slip your shoes off and lay on a massage table…easy, breezy!

Other Access® Processes help with relieving and releasing physical, emotional and mental blocks, improving regeneration of the body, boosting your immune system, moving through frustration and upset ….. and more..

    • Symphony of Possibilities can help clear a multitude of physical, emotional and spiritual issues
    • Energetic Facelift helps your body regenerate and heal. Many report reduction in the appearance from aging.
    • Access® Coaching provides you with tools to use a home when you feel stuck or frustrated or upset.

Frequently Asked Questions about Access® Body Processes (from Access Consciousness®)


Immune System Boost — MTVSS (Molecular Trans-Valence Sloughing System)

MTVSS is quite a mouth-full, but it is one of the most dynamic hands-on tools in Access Consciousness® and is often the “tool of choice” for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning. IT can stimulate the immune system and release trauma that is locked in the cells, allowing the body to return to its natural wayof functioning.


Cellular Memory

Returns cells to their original cellular structure (Divine blueprint) prior to becoming diseased or injured and allows the body to choose to heal.

Cellular Memory unlocks the cells from the point where they have been traumatized, so they can go back to doing what they’re supposed to be doing. It erases the memory of a trauma that the cell has been holding onto and returns to the cells the awareness of what they’re supposed to be, and they start to create themselves from that.


Symphony Of Possibilities

What if you are the composer of your reality?

What if you have the capacity to be the maestro of the Universe?

Is it time to become what you were always meant to be?

The Symphony of Possibilities is a unique energetic experience.

You allow yourself to receive that which you would truly like to have in your life and allow your energy to move toward that energetic symphony of possibilities!

This may be the way to get past what has been sticking you!

Is now the time to physically actualize a totally different reality?
Is now the time to step into the awareness of what is actually possible?
Is now the time to change the world by being you?

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Other Access Consciousness® Body Processes

These processes are given as sessions and also as classes.

There are over 50 different Access Consciousness® Body Processes available. Here are a few:

BIOMIMETIC MIMICRY – this can help you begin to undo the mimicry you are doing of other people’s bodies.

CIRCUITRY – Can help animals and people that have suffered some kind of trauma to the body or have chronic conditions that they can’t get over.

CORRECTING VISION – helps with vision problems and traumatic experience to the eyes

ELIMINATION & ERADICATION OF THE ALLERGIC SOLIDIFICATION OF REALITY RESPONSES OF DISAGREEMENT -: This process can help with Auto Immune System & Adrenal Problems (Rheumatoid Arthritis).



RESTORATION OF COMMUNION WITH EARTH – can help to restore the communion and connection with earth that is possible for us and our bodies.

can help the body’s immune system

RESTORATION OF INFINITE FLEXIBILITY – can help with the stiffness and lack of flexibility that bodies take on as part of the “normal” aging process.

RESTORATION OF STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY & FUNCTION – : Can help restore structural integrity & function of the body.

Can help with physical complaints when the cause of the pain was trauma, especially an accident that was emotionally or physically shocking enough that the person keeps looping back to the same story continuously. They can’t go beyond it.

Please contact Dawn if you’d like to schedule a class or a session.