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Reiki 1 Class

Take your first step toward Reiki with this class.

You’ll experience and learn to use a simple safe and gentle way of relaxation and well being for you and loved ones. Medical professionals use and recommend Reiki, (for instance Dr. Oz and many others) so can you! Reiki is also used by many spiritual teachers and other professionals.

When you begin using the Reiki system of healing, it is important to start with you. Reiki amplifies your innate abilities, balances and helps us live a more harmonious life. Reiki is a gift that comes directly from the highest spiritual source.

Reiki means life energy and is accessible to all who seek more knowledge in using this amplified energy. Reiki energy helps heal hearts, minds, bodies and planet earth.

Reiki enhances all other healing techniques you might currently use. It also expands your spiritual growth & awareness. Most likely you have been guided and now find yourself seeking for more fulfilling spiritual path and purpose. If so, it is time for you to explore the possibilities for deeper healing & inner discovery.

Placement (formerly called attunement) is given to activate Reiki within the student. Reiki information and techniques covered include:

  • Holy Fire Reiki meditation/experience
  • Reiki hand positions.
  • Giving a complete Reiki treatment for self and others.
  • Japanese Reiki Techniques, as taught by Dr. Usui including: Gassho meditation, Reiji-ho – developing your intuition, Byosen Scanning – detecting where Reiki is needed, Gyoshi ho – sending Reiki with the eyes, Koki ho – using the breath to send Reiki, Kenyoku – dry bathing or clearing ones energy field
  • Hayashi Healing Guide
  • Using Reiki for specific conditions.

The class is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience. Practice time includes giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment using all the hand positions, the self -treatment, and practice using all the Japanese Reiki Techniques mentioned above.

While practice takes place during the class, it is expected that you will set aside additional time to practice after the class is over. Please commit to this additional time which should be one evening a week for several weeks, or its equivalent, to practice Reiki with one, or more, people from your Reiki class or with members of your family or friends. This additional practice is necessary to gain the experience and confidence you need to fully utilize the Reiki training.Affiliate Member of Reiki Membership Association NCBTMB Approved Provider

Investment: $150, deposit of $75 required with registration, balance due at the beginning of the class

8 NCBTMB credits available

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