Meditation Series

Would you like to connect with and energize your goals?

Do you need more relaxation and peace in your life?

These audios can help.

Energy Expansion Meditation

The Energy Expansion Meditation can assist in dealing with stress, drama, stories or when you just need a little relaxation.

Often times, things like stress, trauma and drama tend to cause us to contract and, just like a muscle, we cannot stay contracted ... we must relax.

Energy expansion allows you to be Space, and when you are space, you are not at the effect of others’ dramas.

What if you could be at ease?

Goal Energizing/Activating Energy Ball Exercise

What if you could just get the idea of what you would like to have in your life, and ENERGIZE it? This simple exercise will assist you to do just that!

You can use the Energy Ball to create and bring things into fruition. So whether it is writing a book, creating a class, taking a test, hosting an event, or creating the life you would like to have, the Energy Ball can draw the people and things to you that would help bring about the things you would like to happen.

It's a way of energetically inviting what you'd like to be in your life. Dr. Dain Heer refers to it as "creation by request of the Universe ... by speaking its language --- that of energy." (from his book "Being You, Changing the World").

The Energy Ball is a potent tool for adding anything you desire to your life! What would you truly like to create and generate? It’s as easy as creating another energy ball!

How cool is that?

Earth Gratitude Meditation

Research has shown that being in nature is very relaxing, can help reduce stress and is very restorative.

Being in nature also helps reduce "Rumination" which is being very sad, and you can’t stop thinking about your glumness and what’s causing it

This simple exercise will assist you to connect with nature and share her energy and express gratitude for her!

Do it inside or outside!

It's like being outside in nature even when you can't get outside!

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