Launch Into Your Brilliance Series

Are you ready to take flight and launch into your brilliance?

What would it take for you to step up, step out and shine?

These audios can help.

Take Flight ... Launch Into Your Brilliance

Recordings from the "Take Flight ... Launch Into  Your Brilliance" series.

What if you could break out from under that pile of crap that hides you and be your brilliant self?

Dump things that are hiding your brilliance.

In these recordings you will receive tips, tools and tricks to step out and shine!

**BONUS** Goal Energizing/Activating Energy Ball Exercise

What if you could just get the idea of what you would like to have in your life, and ENERGIZE it? This simple exercise will assist you to do just that!

You can use the Energy Ball to create and bring things into fruition. So whether it is writing a book, creating a class, taking a test, hosting an event, or creating the life you would like to have, the Energy Ball can draw the people and things to you that would help bring about the things you would like to happen.

It's a way of energetically inviting what you'd like to be in your life. Dr. Dain Heer refers to it as "creation by request of the Universe ... by speaking its language --- that of energy." (from his book "Being You, Changing the World").

The Energy Ball is a potent tool for adding anything you desire to your life! What would you truly like to create and generate? It’s as easy as creating another energy ball!

How cool is that?

**BONUS** Clearing Statement Loop

Extra recording of just the clearing statements used in the call.

Playing the clearings can continue and expand the releases that you experienced during the calls.

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