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Dr Dain Heer


I just returned from taking an Advanced Body Process class from Gary Douglas in Houston. What an amazing class! We talked quite a bit about Feelings and how they create limitations. Gary and Dain had just completed a telecall on Feelings and now Dain’s Tour of Consciousness for this week is “All Those Darn Feelings” […]

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Be Grateful


I have been talking with a few people lately who were upset that their contribution to others was not being acknowledged. I have on occasion felt that too when I helped someone with a situation then they gave all their gratitude to someone else. Here are a few clearings that I shared concerning this. What […]

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Under water

Other People’s Realities

I attended a business speaking event last week. In one of the sessions I was sitting next to a friend and I let out a sigh. She commented what a big sigh that was and I thought, yes, what’s up with that? Then during the program I did it again and she looked over at […]

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