Nancy Matthews of Women's Prosperity Network talks about her Access Consciousness Bars session from Dawn Meyer



Jill Lublin, Master Publicity Strategist and Media Insider talks about her Access Consciousness Bars session from Dawn Meyer of Awareness Center and Purple Dawn Inc.



Lindsay Grace Sternberg of Wanderlusting Women Worldwide talks about her energy balancing session from Dawn Meyer of Purple Dawn and Awareness Center



"Access Consciousness has rocked my world. It has stirred up the pot called; ‘My Life’ and I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot of AC Facilitators! I have utilized Dawn’s services including office sessions, phone sessions and workshops - and my reality has changed and improved in countless ways. 

Dawn is a multi-modality energy body worker.  When she is running Bars on me she is also simultaneously taking me through clearings with whatever comes up in my sessions. Because Dawn is educated in other modalities, when necessary, she will add another technique to complement the Bars session which makes her sessions so well-rounded and uniquely done for the Unique Me!

A decade ago, before knowing the tools of AC, I went through a break-up from a 3 month relationship that took me an excruciating 5 years to get over!  I  just ended a 7 year relationship and it took only a few months of visits with Dawn and using the AC tools that made the loss less excruciating and provided me more awareness of how I do relationships.


Knowing Dawn and having her in my corner has empowered me to open myself up to the world of Ease, Joy, and Glory and begin to receive all the Yumminess that the Universe can offer me. Also, I think it’s pretty RAD that she is a former Rocket Scientist.

Endless Thank You’s, Dawn! To Infinity and Beyond!"
– P.N., California

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"I have had tummy issues for years. One session of the specialty treatment Access Bars®, I can only sing praises for Dawn Meyer of the Awareness Center, as I have yet to have any of the symptoms re-occur. It has literally upped my game considerably physically, mentally and spiritually. I am eternally grateful and will continue to fight the good fight with Dawn."
-- G.D., Vero Beach, FL

"I am so excited by how much better I feel today compared to yesterday morning! Thank you for the Bars session; it was really quite amazing to experience!"
-- S.M., Rockledge, FL

"I enjoyed my session of having my Bars run. During the session I felt a sense of peace and calm. Afterward I felt refreshed and relaxed as if I had a fantastic massage. I was able to let go of some issues that were blocking me and for this I am grateful. Thank you Dawn, for a wonderful body-mind-spirit experience." 
– K.B., Cocoa, FL

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"When I made my appointment for a Bars Treatment with Dawn at the Awareness Center in Cocoa Village I really had no idea of what to expect.

I felt welcome and at ease from the start. The environment is so clean, fresh, organized and very comfortable.  The treatment itself is quiet and seemingly simple yet provides powerful relaxation and results.

Life is so busy it's challenging to just stop and take a breath, less really relax.  For me the Bars Treatments have been a great find -- thanks Dawn!"
-- E.T., Merritt Island, FL

"I loved the experience of having the Bars Access treatment! Your energy is so calm, healing, and comforting. I feel lighter to my core and things have been shifting as a result. Thank you Dawn!!"
-- W. W., Cocoa, FL

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"I relived the joy and simplicity of my youth growing up near the beach. I was able to re-experience how carefree and stress free that time was and that I should strive to live like that again."
-- C.C., Cocoa Beach, FL

"It was very relaxing. I didn’t want the session to end.  I immediately booked a second session."
– D.H, Cocoa, FL

"Bars is a quick and effective way for me to access messages from my higher self. It's a relaxing way to work through and find solutions to past and present issues and move toward more positive thought patterns." – C. S., Melbourne, FL

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