The Colors of Now, It Isn't Rocket Science Or Is It?

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The Colors Of Now

with co-author Dawn C. Meyer

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Ranked #1 by Amazon in its initial launch

What if NOW is the time?

Easy to use tools to create your life from right where you are....

What if you could stop living in the palest shades of life and choose instead to live in the vibrant, amazing, brilliant colors of everything that you ever imaged was possible .... and so much more!?!

Have you always known that the World has different rules and laws and possibilities than what most people accept as true?

Have you always known that that you were a little – OK maybe A LOT – different?

Are you willing to just consider the possibility that there is so much more out there and available than you ever imagined?

Come explore with us! What if stepping into your colors of now was as easy as "Being YOU"?

Dawn C. Meyer is one of the amazing co-authors of this phenomenal book.

Her chapter is entitled "It Isn't Rocket Science Or Is It?"

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Dawn C. Meyer

Dawn's chapter is entitled "It Isn't Rocket Science Or Is It?"

This is the amazing interview Dawn did on the AskBonBon Show with Bonnie Bruderer and co-authors Yuryra Guzman and Glenyce Hughes.


Dawn's book launch video


Dawn's "Expert Interview" with Bonnie Bruderer of the AskBonBon Show.

What if you just being you could invite others to something wonderful that you know is possible?

What if you could invite others to what you have

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